Tuesday, 4 December 2012

December 4th: My day in five bullet points

  1. It is now fourteen days until I go home for eighteen days for Christmas.
  2. I ate a potato the size of my forearm today.
  3. My boyfriend announced he is actually going to use his Twitter account, and is going to frequently embarrass me on there henceforth.
and in more important news...

     4. FHM looked like the complete bell ends they are today by attempting and failing to do the exact opposite of what a "lad" should be defined as, resulting in them describing females in the general sweep of "mum, girlfriend or victim."
    5. The "beat them down" mentality of Britain got underway as people attacked a woman having a baby, proclaiming that she "just had morning sickness". I got a bit worried as I googled her actual condition myself to find that people have died from it. 

And PS (because we all love a rule breaker)

6. JK Rowling's A Casual Vacancy is being turned into a BBC series. I'm sure I'm not the only one who really likes that.

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